I am always asked what brands I use. But that’s the most irrelevant question in  the world. My skin is not your skin. It’s not going to become the same if we  use the same product. If you have skin issues, see a dermatologist. It’s more  economical than buying fifty face creams in search of a miracle.  I know it’s hard to resist all those glossy ads starring airbrushed models.  Admittedly, I love the feel and scent of an expensive face cream as much as  anyone.  While I adore the way those pricey potions feel, there are plenty of afford-  able options that any good dermatologist, including my own good doctor, will  approve of. Proof is in the results. My mother swears by Olay, and Rose’s  choice is Eucerin Q10, a sensitive-skin formulation complete with sunscreen.  These women both have great skin.  As for products based on ingredients that are organic or natural, I long avoided much of the category as something too hippie, lacking the luxurious  experience I sought in my beauty ritual, which, let’s face it, is part of what we  are paying for. No more. My bathroom counter is now heaving with them.  While I won’t be giving up my retinol or sunscreen, I’m replacing many of the  traditional beauty, and all of the household, products in my home with natural  and organic formulations. It’s all about the balance in life, after all.  I alternate between a trio of products by Éminence Organic: Coconut Age  Corrective Moisturizer, Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream, and Linden  Calendula Treatment cream for night (which I also might apply as a treatment  mask). I also love Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil Antioxidant and Dr. Hauschka Rose  Day Cream.  Rose and I also adore the benefits of coconut oil. Antioxidizing, antibacterial, andantifungal, makes a great makeup remover. It also can be used effectively as a hair and scalp conditioner plus shaving cream because of its qualities of hydration. Just make sure the grade is organic and virgin. A pint jar can be had for as  little as $6 at many grocery stores.  Let me underscore what it comes down to: spending money you don’t have  on a jar of hope isn’t going to change your skin or your life.  Taking care of it daily just might. There are plenty of ways to do so without  going into debt. You only get one face, one body, in this life. It can’t be enjoyed  by ignoring your well-being. That begins with skin.  Skin care should be second nature, a daily habit as routine as brushing your  teeth (another vital step in living a good life that should be done no less than  twice a day).


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