A common misconception is that exercise detoxifies skin. The task of neutralizing toxins actually belongs mostly to the liver. What exercise does achieve is the critical functions of increasing blood flow, nourishing skin cells with oxygen, and carrying away waste products from the blood, including those nasty free radicals that contribute to the aging process?  I keep two three-pound weights around to strengthen my arms. Traveling with them is not always possible. So imagine my joy during a hotel stay when I  discovered I could optimize my morning lunges by clutching in each hand an unopened Champagne bottle by the neck!    I Eat, Therefore I Am  Let’s start out with what I don’t put in my mouth. I rarely ever eat fast food. I  don’t swig soda. I never, ever sit down in front of the TV and polish off a bag of potato chips or a carton of ice cream.  I went on a juice cleanse once in the interest of “cleaning out” my system.  But I hated how it made me feel. I took that as a sure sign that it wasn’t a good idea.  Diets in the name of weight loss or body cleanses can wreak havoc on our system, not unlike the effects of eating fast food. If I chow down on a drive-through burger and fries, I’m asking for trouble with my digestive system.  Never mind how terribly disastrous all that greasy fare is to red lips! In the name of slenderizing or supersizing, the body is inevitably going to rebel against such extreme measures.  I tip my hat to the inspiration at the start of this chapter, Mae West. She gained an early taste for fresh foods because of her father, who was always training for the next prizefight. “I was raised on these foods and insisted on them for the rest of my life, nothing canned or preserved,” she proselytized.  She avoided alcohol; and when a part called for smoking, she insisted on de-  nicotined cigarettes and exhaled the smoke immediately.

How you start out your day can also make all the difference. For me, I rise with the sun and take a probiotic (Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula has been a favorite, as is Kimberly Snyder’s Probiotics+) and a multivitamin with a full 12-ounce glass of water. The best thing you can do when you wake up is drinking a full glass of water. . Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is good for skin and bones; they are a natural diuretic, helping in the elimination of toxins and waste; and lemons help the liver produce more bile, which in turn aids in the digestion of food, assisting the relief of constipation symptoms, nausea, and heartburn. Water with fresh lemons is mostly how I keep hydrated throughout the day.  After taking my supplements, I fix myself a teacup of hot water and squeeze in the other half of the lemon. A pinch of grated fresh ginger is a natural aid,  not unlike lemon, with inherent properties that may reduce inflammation, aiding in the relief of joint and muscle soreness. It’s also refreshingly delicious.  From there, it’s a glass or two of green smoothie through the first half of the day. Late morning, I enjoy a bowl of steel-cut oats with cardamom, cinnamon, or other spices in lieu of sugar. Or  I’ll cook it in a flavored infusion of tea, steeping the tea until it’s very strong and boiling the oats in the liquid. Some of my favorite teas are perfumed violet-  rose black leaf, green matcha, and smoky Lapsang souchong. I get all my teas,  when I can, from Mariage Frères, my favorite tea shop in Paris. I am so obsessed with smoky tea that I made Lapsang souchong the basis for my third perfume, Rouge.

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