About US

Who we are ?

A team whom members are ambitiously trying to provide good content for the queens and improve their lifestyles. Our goal is to make of our queens our own team, be part of their beauty journey providing best quality content, also to make them into our own dream, and last but not least, their valuable contribution is really our motivation to provide more and more and more…


Beginning ?

We planned to start this project in April 2018 after being inspired by some creators making of fans creators of content. It took us up to three months to make the idea come in virtual life. Our “WHY” is simply to let the users feel positive vibes every single time they decide to enter to our website and also be creators helping us expand our exposure.


The User For Us ?

Every user and fan is a contributor, a member of our Team and our main source of motivation.

We are here with you for you.