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I am always asked what brands I use. But that’s the most irrelevant question in  the world. My skin is not your skin. It’s not going to become the same if we  use the same product. If you have skin issues, see a dermatologist. It’s more  economical than buying fifty face creams in search of […]


Sleeping, Beauty and Sun

Sleep is never optional. Do without and do damage to your face, your performance, your very health. Besides, all the concealer in the world isn’t going to hide those dark circles for long. There is nothing glamorous about subjecting the world to a tired you.  Think of it: simply seven hours to a more beautiful […]

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I can think of more pleasurable ways of spending my time than punishing through yet another series of Pilates teasers. I may even be tempted to convince myself that yesterday’s grueling session means that today I can forgo working out altogether. . . .  Then I think of Mae West. Yes, she of the super-sized […]



Treat your bread choices as you should red meat or any other creature protein. Be selective of its origin. I love a good steak maybe once or twice monthly, and it better be a choice cut, preferably ethically raised and sourced, and seasoned and cooked beautifully. Poultry is also best served when the chickens, turkeys, […]

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My Awesome Tooth Elixir 

Whenever I want to shake up a craving for something sweet, I follow Kimber-  ly’s simple recipe based on Ayurvedic principles for nourishing nerves. I toss  the following into a small saucepan, heat under a boil, and drink at once: ½ cup unsweetened almond milk  2 teaspoons of honey (preferably raw) or coconut nectar. ½ […]

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I realize some of you are partial to imagining me bathing at home in a jumbo martini glass, under the rosy glow of a floodlight, rubbing my dirty self clean with a stroke and a squeeze of a sponge resembling a giant olive.  But, seriously, darlings, that is an act!  Bathing is baptism by soap […]


WEAR IT WELL.  How to wear perfume? Irresistibly. 

There’s a fine line, certainly, between being lavish with perfume and drown-  ing in the stuff. Or swimming in it, literally, as the outrageous Gabor sisters  Eva and Zsa Zsa did. The pair claimed they would have their pool boys pour  Florence Gunnarson No. 67 into their swimming pools by the gallon, despite its big-ticket […]

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The actual vintage perfumes—has also piqued collectors. And no one loves collecting more than me! One voice  I’ve come to trust is Barbara Herman. Her blog, Yesterday’s Perfume, is a favorite source, as is her book, Scent & Subversion: Decoding a Century of Provocative Perfume. Barbara’s aptitude for vintage perfumery proved an invaluable guide as […]

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One of life’s greatest luxuries? Time.  Whether you have three minutes or three hours, it is all about being organized. Book a slice of time monthly to take inventory of all your cosmetics and make a list of what needs to be replaced or introduced into the mix. (During  my go-go dancing days, my friend […]